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    Hey Fellow Finger Shooters,

    This is my review of the Hoyt Tribute compound bow. "When you want your finger on the pulse. The Hoyt Tribute is the go-to bow for finger shooters worldwide."-Hoyt Archery
    This statement is something I wasn't sure about until I actually got my hands on one. Hoyt is renowned for designing and building some of the best bows in the industry. The Tribute is by far one of the smoothest shooting compounds I have ever shot. The bow is reasonably weighted at 4.8 pounds, not the heaviest and certainly not the lightest. Axle to axle is 45" which is amazing on the fingers! I had a Bear Anarchy HC for a while and that bow created significant finger pinch at 35.5" axle to axle. The Tribute is a lot smoother in the draw cycle too. The bow does not creep or climb over a massive hump to achieve its 65% let off. This bow is easy to snap shoot and quickly line up a shot without the fear of derailing the string. In terms of speed, this bow zips my XX75 2219 aluminum arrows at a blistering 250 FPS. This is not breaking the land speed record, but it is achieving lighting fast arrow flight without sacrificing stability. The Tribute is also customizable with its draw length and draw weight adjustments. The bow can be outfitted with all the modern-day optics and rests, however I find this bow performs better with less. Only piece of equipment I use is a basic NAP flipper rest.

    Although this bow is a wonderful piece of machinery, it does have its downfalls. The biggest for me was its sticker price. This bow is awesome in a lot of ways however the steep nearly $1,000 sticker price is painful. There is no doubt there is serious quality built into this bow, yet the price does not equal the end result. The other negative is the sound, this bow is not equipped with a string stop or really any silencing technology. The bow does come with limb shocks however they do very little to dampen the noise. I find that when I am hunting in the woods animals are quick to notice when I shoot due to the TWAAAANG of the string. To help soften the bow, I switched from carbons to heavier aluminum's. I find the added arrow weight does quiet the bow down.

    All in all I would recommend this bow to anyone looking into finger shooting. Its a super smooth draw, rock solid back wall, and settles very nicely in the hand. The bow doesn't have any crazy new technology and that's okay. The bow is based on the old school compounds of years past and it performs its niche function well. The only advice I can offer is try to find a used one. The price of a new one is very high and may not be worth it to some people. Aside from that, this bow is wonderful and I look forward to the many years of service and great adventures we will share together.

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