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    Good morning!
    I am a recently converted (last year) barebow compound shooter after 20 years of releases, sights, and all the other unnecessary jazz. I dabble in traditional archery as well so the switch from a shooting perspective has been fairly easy to instinctive shooting. By far much more enjoyable. Personally, I just wanted simplicity in my hunting setup. Barebow compound provides a good mix between simplicity and speed/range for hunting. The biggest issue I still struggle with is obtaining a smooth and perfect release with a compound. That’ll come with practice and time I suppose. Improper released arrows still hit where I want but they sure look ugly flying!! Anyhow, I shoot a mathews Conquest Triumph set at 55lbs. Currently it has the 80% letoff cam but I’ve read the 65% will help achieve a more consistent release so that’ll be next on the order. Otherwise I use a NAP centerrest with flipper and have no complaints. Good to be a part of the group and looking forward to gaining wisdom/knowledge from those who’ve been doing this longer than me. Sadly, it appears finger shooters are a dying breed.

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