Finger shooter compound: dual or single cam(s) ?

Discussion in 'Finger Bows' started by md2020, Nov 5, 2018.

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    It Depends!
    Do you folks use single cam or dual cam bows? I tried the old style uni-cam bows from about 25+ yrs ago (Jennings) and it anchored to a hard stop, but I never shot it well. More modern bows are designed towards release shooters.

    When I was in college (35+ yrs ago), I took a lot of squirrels and rabbits bare bow compound (no sights), but then started using a sight and have lost the ability to shoot instinctively now it seems! That is something I regret to this day …… I shoot recurve instinctive, but that isn't the same. I no longer hunt so I don't care about how flat something shoots, LOL. In the day, I never shoot over 25 yrs at game: more like 20 yards, unlike the stories of people telling me that they can take game out at 50+ yds with modern gear (that seems crazy far, but ….)

    My shoulder isn't able to draw 60 lbs any more due to injury/age and so I will look for something in the 50 lb range. Short draw length (27.5"?) doesn't help either, LOL.


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